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Welcome to Dubrovnik, a city renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant nightlife.

have the night of your life

The city of Dubrovnik is located in the southern part of Croatia, in Dalmatia. With a view of the Adriatic Sea, this destination is a favourite among those who visit the Mediterranean. Walls of Dubrovnik was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979 for its remarkable medieval architecture and its city walls.

Visiting Dubrovnik is not only about its amazing surroundings, landscapes, and beautiful sandy coastline. It is also about its lifestyle, hostile people, and rocking nightlife.

Every year, in summer, Dubrovnik welcomes thousands of tourists. All wishing to have the time of their lives. They come to Dubrovnik looking for an unforgettable experience. An experience filled with the artistic beauty of its city walls, but also to spend their nights partying. If you are one of those tourists, don’t worry! This city transforms into the jewel of the Adriatic nightlife after dark.

Dubrovnik has something to offer for everyone. Do you enjoy a drink by the sea? Or perhaps you prefer to sample local wines? Maybe a wild night with your friends is more your style. Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered.

In Dubrovnik, nightclubs provide more than just great music and a fun vibe. They use beautiful, unique architecture and breathtaking views to create an incredible party setting.

One of those clubs is the Elyx nightclub. Placed in the entrance of the city’s old town, this nightclub delivers an exceptional experience for anyone wishing to have a good time.

Elyx nightclub is the ambassador of Dubrovnik’s nightlife.

The moment you walk inside, you will see how lively and vibrant the atmosphere is. The party lasts until the early morning thanks to skillfully made cocktails and a busy dance floor.

Let loose and dance the night away with your friends. Elyx nightclub is perfect for celebrating a special event or just having fun.

Elyx is more than just a place to party.

impressive lineup of world-renowned DJs

Once you enter the club, all you can admire is the modern and luxurious decor and furniture of the place. It creates a fashionable vibe. Modern, clean lines, subtle lighting, and comfy furniture are Elyx’s signature. It enables you to enjoy yourself while having one of the best cocktails and listening to the best DJs.

Hosting some of the world’s best DJs makes you expect an amazing atmosphere and a busy dancefloor. That is one of the reasons why Elyx is a club worth visiting while staying in Dubrovnik. The club is known for its well-crafted cocktails with the best ingredients and its view over the Adriatic Sea.

Elyx’s skilled mixologists can create anything you desire. From traditional martinis to cutting-edge cocktails. They like making cocktails that push the limits of mixology. But don’t worry; they will make sure that your drink is made according to your preferences.

Elyx nightclub is famous for its VIP suites, where guests can enjoy complimentary drinks and exceptional service. If you want a more intimate setting, book a VIP lounge. It will give you private space, but you can also experience the energy of the dancefloor.

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exclusive vip lounge


exclusive vip lounge

Have a night of your life

Elyx isn’t just about the party

This club not only offers good entertainment and stunning decor but also an amazing staff that goes beyond what is necessary to make your time here memorable.

Elix nightclub has an extensive selection of beverages and music that suits any taste, making sure it has something for everyone. The place vibrates with excitement, and the music is always upbeat. It is the perfect spot to let loose and have a memorable night out due to its stunning setting and hospitable staff.

It is the ideal place to visit.

Whether you’re a local in search of an intriguing spot where you can relax after a long week or a tourist looking for an experience in Dubrovnik’s exquisite nightlife. Elyx nightclub fully embraces everything that Dubrovnik has to offer. From its breathtaking location to its lively artistic scene as well as its friendly atmosphere.

Come see for yourself why Elyx nightclub is one of the trendiest locations in Dubrovnik by experiencing its charm.

So hurry up. We are waiting for you.